“Fudgy” Sweet Potato Brownies Recipe and Sorry for the Lack of Posts

Between the engagement, wedding planning, and our recent move from Hoboken to Weehawken, the last few months have been a whirlwind…hence our lack of blog posts. For those who happened to see the recipe for the fudgy sweet potato brownies that we insta-vlogged (is there a name for this? I made that up…), I’ve been getting a lot of requests for the recipe so that gave me a kick in the bu** to start blogging again. 

Also – I know that I always say the recipes I post here are AMAZING (which is why I post them)…but this actually is one of the best healthy desserts I’ve ever made. If you are a chocolate lover – make and mangia, now.

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Dark Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pizookie

A pizookie is a pizza cookie made with cookie dough and typically served warm with ice cream on top. When I lived in Arizona, we (often) indulged in these pizza cookies at one of our favorite restaurants, Oreganos. They had at least 1000 calories each but this was before I decided to start being healthy so it was completely ok…

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“My Bananas are Browning” Bread Pudding

 After being away this past weekend, I came home to two brown bananas. I actually love when my bananas brown because it forces me to get creative and make some type of dessert-esque concoction. In my opinion, almost anything with bananas is d-lish-ioso. If you enjoy eating doughy desserts and undercooked pancakes, then this recipe is for you…

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