“Fudgy” Sweet Potato Brownies Recipe and Sorry for the Lack of Posts

Between the engagement, wedding planning, and our recent move from Hoboken to Weehawken, the last few months have been a whirlwind…hence our lack of blog posts. For those who happened to see the recipe for the fudgy sweet potato brownies that we insta-vlogged (is there a name for this? I made that up…), I’ve been getting a lot of requests for the recipe so that gave me a kick in the bu** to start blogging again. 

Also – I know that I always say the recipes I post here are AMAZING (which is why I post them)…but this actually is one of the best healthy desserts I’ve ever made. If you are a chocolate lover – make and mangia, now.

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Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies

Last weekend after indulging in bread pudding and caramel flan on Friday, two slices of sour cream cake with home made whipped cream on Saturday and cheesecake on Sunday (it’s true, we don’t always eat healthy), I made a verbal commitment to not eat desserts until my bridal shower in May.  I’ve realized that making commitments out loud to someone else really helps me stick with it. About 30 minutes later I realized that Easter was coming up, so I took back what I said and changed it to not eating dessert until my shower except on Easter. Then I thought, can I really walk by the macaron stand in the mall and NOT have one? So let’s just say I’m going to try my best most of the time and leave it at that.

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Froyo Berry Bark Bites

 A few years ago, we started a tradition with our little sister, Scarlett, to pick a few desserts to make together on Christmas Eve.  We would wake up early to reserve time in the kitchen before our dad took over to spend hours rolling out layers of lasagna and preparing the feast of the seven fishes.  Below is a picture that I Instagrammed two years ago of the desserts we made which included a Rice Krispie Treat Tree, Peanut Butter M&M Rolo Bites, Snowball Cookies, and Peppermint Oreo Rice Krispies…  

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