ask #jacnlex – What Do You Do To Detox?

This week’s ask #jacnlex comes from my friend and coworker Kara Henderson. Kara, like many others, wants to detox without actually going on a specific diet, but instead by making small changes to help cleanse her body. Lucky for her, she has a trip planned to San Diego in a few weeks (jealous!) which is great motivation to detox but for the rest of us, Spring is just a few days away (despite the snow forecast for tomorrow – wtf?!) and Bikini Season is right around the corner. So check out my 2 Week Spring Detox Plan and sip on a Cranberry Fat Flush while browsing through the Victoria’s Secrets Very Sexy Summer 2015 Collection.

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Hitting Restart: My (Mostly) Raw Detox Routine

raw salad

After every major holiday or vacation my favorite way of detoxing is to go a week (or really as long as I can) eating mostly raw.  I say “mostly” because quinoa and eggs are delicious and I won’t give them up or pretend that I didn’t cook them on the stove.

Let’s be real, eating this way is not even close to as enjoyable as eating baked, steamed, sautéed vegetables with a lot of yummy flavors and delicious sauces, but if you are looking for a way to debloat, detox, and feel generally better, this is the way to go. Continue Reading →