Studio Review and jacnlex Discount Offer: 8 Springs Studio in Jersey City, NJ

Last Saturday, I got engaged (future post on the proposal and all of the details to come…naturally, it was while working out). My fiance (ahhh so much fun to say that), calls me “Luxury Lexie” because I tend to gravitate towards things that are newer, nicer and cleaner. For example, our apartment is a very old building and I’ve been begging him (pretty much since the day we moved in) to upgrade to a newer building. So “Luxury” Lexie is a little extreme, but I do prefer new over old (with anything), simply because it feels cleaner to me. That is why I was SO excited to try the brand new megaformer studio in Jersey City, which ironically happens to be on the first floor of the new “luxury” Cast Iron Loft apartments. 

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