The Spicy Green “Cleanse” Cocktail

Cleanse-like cocktails are trending. Everything from “Avocado Slush, to Kale-Tinis.” So of course, I decided to make one of my own. And girls weekend down the shore to close out the summer was the perfect time to do it. 

When you order a “healthy” cocktail from a bar or restaurant, there’s a good chance they took an already unhealthy drink (loaded with sugar) and added in the flashy ingredient (ex – kale). I took the reverse route. Starting with the healthy ingredients as the base, I made a “green juice” concoction with my greens of choice, and then added in my  favorite chaser and alcohol. 

My go-to alcohol is tequila. I choose restaurants based on whether they have a spicy marg on the menu or not. However, it’s usually loaded with extra sugar, sour mix, simple syrup etc. So finally making my own and knowing exactly what ingredients went into it was very exciting. 

My best friends that came down the shore with me all also love tequila and spicy drinks (or spicy anything). We knew that we would be indulging all weekend (in ice cream, etc.) so we wanted something that would be refreshing, but also have some added benefits. The greens of choice were jalapeno (spice helps digestion), cucumber (to rehydrate while you dehydrate), ginger (detox), and lime (to make it a margarita). I blended all those ingredients with the tequila to make my “green” base and then mixed in my go-to chaser, Green Apple Tickle Water. Tickle Water is very subtly flavored so it makes the perfect mixer or chaser. The product was also made for kids, hence the name, and comes in these cute little bottles that you can easily fit in a small bag to bring out to a party so you’re not stuck with the artificially flavored or soda chasers/mixers.

If you’re looking for a sweet cocktail, this is not it. But if you would prefer to consume your alcohol alongside the taste of a refreshing guilt-free green juice, and to not have a hangover the next day (from all the sugar), then give this a try. We loved it so much that we made a second pitcher (and finished the tequila)…but hey, that’s what girls weekends are for right?! Needless to say, we felt pretty good in the morning and even made it to a megaformer class at 9AM. 








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Spicy Green Cleanse Cocktail
A healthy "green juice" cleansing cocktail
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  1. 3 inches cucumber
  2. 1 inch fresh ginger, peeled
  3. 1 inch jalapeno
  4. juice from 2 limes
  5. 3 bottles green apple tickle water
  6. 6 shots blanco tequila
  1. Cut cucumber into strips so that it will blend easily.
  2. Remove seeds from jalapeno.
  3. Peel (or cut) skin off of ginger.
  4. Blend tequila, ginger, cucumber, and jalapeno in a blender.
  5. Mix in tickle water.
  6. Serve over ice.
  7. Garnish with cucumber and jalapeno slice.