Studio Review: Go Stride in Port Chester, NY

I recently checked out Go Stride, a new fitness studio in Port Chester, NY (just opened a few months ago in February), and I absolutely loved it.  The manager and instructors were so welcoming and the studio is as clean as could be, very spacious and decorated in bright white and blue colors.  I came across the studio because it’s in the same shopping center as Whole Foods, who coincidentally they have a partnership with.  If you give the front desk your shopping list, they will food shop for you during class and all you have to do is pick up your groceries at the register in Whole Foods afterwards.  Their bathrooms and showers are also stocked with organic and natural products from Whole Foods.




The strider itself looks like an elliptical and mimics the feeling of running without the impact on your knees.  If you are like me and have bad knees, you know the feeling of loving to run and spin but the wear and tear feeling it can cause after consistent workouts. The class format follows one similar to a spinning class, and I think is great for those who want to partake in a cardio class and enjoy the music and format, but don’t like indoor cycling or have lower back issues.

I definitely went in there thinking the class would be a low cardio workout and it would be a piece of cake for me to get through, but I was so wrong.  I stayed on the lowest end of the resistance range throughout the entire class and was drenched in sweat.  What I really enjoyed about the class itself and the instructor is that she provided a resistance range but they started the class saying, if you want to stay on 1 the entire time, do that.  It provided a sense of relief that I could just adjust to the workout at my own pace.  The class ends with a 7 minute arm sequence that I really enjoyed.  The isolated arm finale had me walking about feeling like I got both a cardio and toning workout in for the day.

They have an introductory offer of $30 for the first 2 classes, which comes out to $15 a class, so head on in, try it out and let us know what you think!