Studio Review: Catwalk Fitness in Greenwich, CT

I had the great pleasure of checking out the newest Lagree megaformer studio in Greenwich, Connecticut last Friday during their opening day of classes.  If you have never taken a megaformer class before it is basically a pilates reformer class on a sugar high.  Each studio is a little bit different but the format of the classes are generally the same.  They are fast paced and you will work your butt off for 50 minutes straight with no break unless you choose to take one (which is totally allowed), but you will walk out feeling like you have a 6 pack and eager to go back.  

For me, there is nothing better than leaving a workout and feeling like I really challenged myself, pushed past my limits and I know that I will see results.  It’s easy to get comfortable in your workouts and the megaformer really gets me out of my comfort zone in the best way. Catwalk Fitness provided me with exactly that feeling.  The studio was just gut renovated from whatever existed before so everything is brand spankin new, its equipped with the newest megaformer model, the M3, which is amazing and noticeably different from the older models, and has windows that span the entire length of the studio (this is rare to find and really brightens the room).

 The owner, Cathy Wagner, who previously taught at SLT before deciding to pursue her passion and open a studio of her own, exudes so much energy and positivity that you can’t help but smile during the workout, even as your legs, abs, and arms are trembling. The music is on point, very carefully selected, and Cathy was sure to walk around and help the newbies adjust as necessary and give words of encouragement if she saw anyone struggling.  

After leaving I was sore for the next two days, which is a good thing, and Cathy followed up with me and my friend to check in on how we were feeling and to thank us for coming to the studio.  She went the extra mile which wasn’t necessary, but certainly noticed.  Cathy has set herself apart as a studio owner who wants to personally engage with her clients which I think is so important, especially when developing a brand.

The first class is $20 so head on in and try it out.  We are also so happy to be able to offer our followers a special discount on a 5 pack of classes. If you purchase a 5 pack of classes for $170 (after taking the first $20 class), email and mention that you read the review on jacnlex and a 6th class will be added into your account!  That takes the classes from $36 for an individual class, to $34 with a 5 pack, to only $28 per class with the jacnlex 5 + 1 package!