Studio Review and jacnlex Discount Offer: 8 Springs Studio in Jersey City, NJ

Last Saturday, I got engaged (future post on the proposal and all of the details to come…naturally, it was while working out). My fiance (ahhh so much fun to say that), calls me “Luxury Lexie” because I tend to gravitate towards things that are newer, nicer and cleaner. For example, our apartment is a very old building and I’ve been begging him (pretty much since the day we moved in) to upgrade to a newer building. So “Luxury” Lexie is a little extreme, but I do prefer new over old (with anything), simply because it feels cleaner to me. That is why I was SO excited to try the brand new megaformer studio in Jersey City, which ironically happens to be on the first floor of the new “luxury” Cast Iron Loft apartments. 

After attending a Pilates Platinum megaformer class out in LA a few weeks ago, I was chatting with the instructor and she of course, asked where I was from. Once I mentioned Hoboken, she told me about the new 8 Springs Studio that opened in Jersey City. I’m so happy she did! I’ve been waiting for a megaformer studio to open somewhere in my hood since I moved there. 

I had the pleasure of attending my first class this past Monday night. My studio review is below, as well as some of the awesome moves I did (captured through Boomerang)…

  • Convenience – Hoboken does not have it’s own megaformer studio and Jersey City is certainly closer than NYC. I took the bus home to the Path Station in downtown Hoboken and then walked to the studio. The walk was 10 minutes. For anyone taking the Path, the commute would be the same. I live in uptown Hoboken so I ubered home after class, but let’s be real, an Uber in Hoboken/JC is pretty much $5 to go anywhere so that wasn’t an issue. 
  • Cleanliness – this studio is beyond clean. Everything from the floors, to the mirrors, to the megaformers is super clean and smells like “new building.” Luxury Lexie was very pleased :)
  • Size – the studio is very large and spacious compared to many of the megaformer studios I’ve been to in NYC. 
  • Decor – the floor to ceiling windows bring in a lot of light to keep you awake and feeling fresh. The mirrors on both the front and the back walls allow you to see yourself and whether you are doing the position correctly from both sides of the megaformer.
  • Sound – the sound system was awesome. During my class they mostly played rap which I loved. Not sure if this is a relatable feeling, but rap music makes me feel tough and pushes me through the burning and shaking muscle movements. 
  • Machines – brand new M3 machines (the newest version of the Lagree megaformer)
  • Staff – huge thanks to owners Dani and Li (pictured below) for having me in. Dani happened to be teaching my class and was AWESOME. You know those workout instructors that are 1) in great shape 2) super positive 3) smiley and high energy 4) help assist you through movements you are doing wrong but in an encouraging way …Dani checked off on all boxes and really made my workout enjoyable. Her smile throughout the entire class was infectious (I caught myself smiling in the mirror multiple times instead of making my tough, rap music, I’m working out face). Li was also so sweet and helped choreograph my photoshoot, always appreciated :)

8 springs studio

All in all, this was an A+ workout for me. I got everything I needed out of a megaformer class and was sore the next day, so I know it worked. I will definitely be including this in my mix of “sweating for the wedding” workouts.

If you want to attend a class, you’re first class is $20. After that, if you purchase any of the packs (5-pack, 6-pack, etc.) and email mentioning that you saw the post on jacnlex, they will give you a bonus class for free! So if you purchase the 5-Pack for $175, that would bring your total per class from $35 down to $29.

FEELS GOOD? Try a class and let us know your thoughts!