Finding Quiet in the City that Never Sleeps. My Newest Meditation Endeavor

You might have caught the quick snap on my insta story, but this past Tuesday I started helping out with The Path’s Tuesday Night meditation sits. It was beautiful. 

The Path is NYC’s modern meditation company, offering weekly Tuesday night sits, workshops, socials, retreats and teacher training. I discovered The Path through an article on Well & Good (my go-to source for health, wellness, and fitness updates) which I obviously read on the reg. Anytime I come across anything meditation related, I’m always intrigued. Having incorporated my own daily practice (10 minutes in the morning before work with apps such as Headspace or 10% Happier), I’ve seen the positive effects of meditation on my everyday life, my focus and concentration at work, and my stress level.

The Path was created by Dina Kaplan, who has a career history in the startup world, and the goal is to teach ancient meditation techniques but in a modern way geared towards a digitally-consumed audience. I strongly believe in everything Dina is doing and also feel that now, more than ever, we are all in need of this mental detox that mindfulness and meditation can help create. I’m certainly a victim of being on all of my digital devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) and social media handles (Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Insta…did they have to add Insta Stories?! Now I have two stories to update instead of just one!). Between my job (working in mobile advertising), my blog, my personal life, and just the way we consume media and communicate these days, it’s very difficult to disconnect. Not only does this create a sense of feeling connected to our devices but disconnected to reality and human interaction, but it also makes multi-tasking overly accessible, leading to information overload, stress and burnout. 

the path nyc

So tonight, I will try to disconnect from my connected devices, and not scroll through my insta feed as my bedtime story. In reality, I will probably go back to doing it tomorrow night. BUT I will continue to practice mindfulness and meditation and I will be helping out with The Path at their Tuesday night sits, live-streaming the meditation to their Facebook page here. The sits are hosted at cool chic places around the city (usually The Standard but last week was at the Fueled offices in Soho – so startup) and have different teachers leading the meditation each week. I’m excited to get involved in such a beautiful practice that brings together like-minded people, in a cool environment, and with awesome teachers so that we can all hopefully find a sense of quiet in the city that never sleeps. For more information you can check out their website here. 

If you’re thinking about going, let me know!