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Lexie Sperduto is from Westchester, NY and works in media sales in New York City. I’ve recently emigrated from the city to the suburbs where I enjoy the benefits of more counter space.  Raised during a time where packaged, processed, and convenient foods were ubiquitous, I taught myself how to cook so that I could prepare healthy, clean and fresh meals that look, taste and in turn, make me feel good.  My desire for better food led to a true passion for healthy cooking, nutrition and fitness.

While my blog is devoted to overall wellness and I take it very seriously, I’m still human. I consume sugar in moderation, drink margaritas on sunny days, and eat pasta when I’m home with the family (because my Italian dad refuses not to cook it…and it’s delicious). There is so much content at our fingertips via the internet, documentaries, podcasts etc. that I’ve become addicted to consuming. In addition to researching in my spare time, I recently completed the Institute of Nutritional Leadership. I love helping others so let me do the research and be your outlet for recipes, health and fitness information and my personal journey from processed to pure. 

Institute of Nutritional Leadership


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